Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Three Taboos: Horrific Events Get People Talking and Writing

It seems that the news has been full of horrific events the last month or so-- the suicide of Robin Williams, the shooting of Michael Brown, and most recently, the abuse suffered by  Janay Rice at the hands of the man who professes to love her.  

Horrible and heartbreaking stories, all three.

However, these events have the power to shape our future by opening the lines of dialogue on three previously taboo subjects-- suicide, race and domestic violence. There is no doubt that people are talking about these things now-- the challenge is to harness all of our collective energy and thoughts to pave the way!

Wordless Wednesday

That is our big yellow dog, Max at his favorite hangout. He's an 85 pound Labrador that gives you an idea how big that Great Dane (yes, it is a dog, and not a horse) is on the right.

My Captivating Life: Wordless Wednesday - #7 - Backyard Beauty