Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Comprehensive Weekly Social Media Checklist

In my quest to get super-organized for the New Year, I set about searching for a social media checklist that I could use to track all my activities for each of my client's social media pages. I found lots of awesome material, but not one editable checklist that could do all that I wanted it to do, which was this:

Social Media Weekly Checklist

  • Twitter
  • Facebook
  • Google+
  • Pinterest 
  • Instagram
  • LinkedIn
  • YouTube
  • Blogs
for all of my different clients. A tall order? No doubt-- but doable for sure.

The result? I spent most of today making a comprehensive weekly social media checklist for just this purpose-- and thought it might be helpful for those of you that are working on your own social media marketing. Of course, it assumes that all of your social media accounts are already properly setup. (I can help with that if not!) 

What I did was set up my weekly checklist on a Google Doc spreadsheet-- this way I can easily edit it, copy it and add new pages for clients. Plus I can quickly share it with clients so they have an idea what is going on with each of the different platforms at a glance.

Here is just the Facebook section of the checklist. As you can see, I have it set so that I can check off the activities as I do them, and I have sections for successes, failures, and notes to myself. Because I created this checklist for myself, there is not a lot of detail explaining how to accomplish any of the tasks. If you have questions, please comment here or send me a message and I will explain or point you to a good resource.

social media checklist

The entire spreadsheet is fairly large! If you would like to see it, or would like a copy of it, please sign up to my website and I will give you access to the Google Drive spreadsheet so that you can use it for your own business.

Of course, if you are a client-- I hope you realize what a bargain my social media services are now.There is a lot of work that goes into this-- luckily it is also a lot of fun!