Tuesday, November 19, 2013

5 Great Marketing Tips from My Favorite Internet Gurus

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Staying up to date with online marketing is a full-time job in itself, so there is no way to read everything that is "out there" in cyberspace. But still, I need to keep up with changes, trends, important news, and of course Google's latest moves. Thankfully, there are some people in the industry that do not have ADHD like I do (Look, Squirrel!) and stay on top of all these things. Even better, they share!!

Here are some of the best marketing tips I have seen this week.

1. First up, Donna Moritz of Socially Sorted offered up this colorful infographic about creating great infographics! This is something that I have been scoping and scoping...and not attempting :(  Donna's infographic and this post have motivated me to get to work on one..so hopefully I can get some feedback on that next week. For now, check out Donna's 7 Superpowers of a Knockout Infographic.

2. Next is a great post from Brian D. Hawkins of Hot Blog Tips fame--- 15 Potential Income Streams for Bloggers-- now, if you don't understand what blogging AKA content marketing has to do with marketing, please send me an email or a Tweet and I will explain. The point being, marketing and blogging are intertwined, and there are lots of ways to make some money with your blogging smarts, while also marketing yourself. Win-Win!!

Photo Courtesy of Digital Ralph via Flickr
3.Third is an article from Jason Demers from Audience Bloom; it's a common sense look at social media networks and marketing. There is no Earthly way to be on ALL the social media platforms any more-- but it is crucial to be on the RIGHT ones for your brand and your business. I go through this thinking process with every new client, because I want to showcase my clients where I know their target market is online. Jason's article is a good look at this process-
http://www.audiencebloom.com/2013/05/how-to-determine-which-social-media-network-fits-your-business/ .

4. Here is a timely post from Kristi Hines about marketing on Black Friday/Cyber Monday. Kristi always has some amazing insights on blog marketing, and this post is no different. (I really don't know how she does it with a little one; my daughter's little Peanut hangs out with me a few days a week, and she totally tuckers me out.) If you have a product or a service, you cannot afford the post-Thanksgiving dinner sleepies to take you out of the game. Best to prepare ahead of time and be ready to reap the rewards. Heeeeere's Kristy.... with her post, 10 Ways to Make Money Online on Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

5. Finally, a good post from the HubSpot blog about blunders even the big boys make on social media. And yes, I am a big enough person to admit that I have committed a few of these sins over the years. Nevertheless, I learned several good points from this article, and I hope you will too. Here is the HubSpot Insiders post 10 Social Media Blunders even the Big Brands Make

There you have it--- the five posts that made the biggest impact on me this week. Thought provoking and filled with lots of great little tips to make my marketing knowledge better. What about you? What marketing articles have you read this week that made you think?  Please share....