Sunday, November 2, 2014

5 Tips for Making More Money with Pinterest

Pinterest is no longer just for pinning recipes; a quick look at the numbers proves that ignoring it means turning your back on buyers! Today, Pinterest has over 20 million active users, and those users spend an average of over an hour per visit to the website. Even more important for marketers, look at these stats--81 percent of online consumers say they trust information they find on Pinterest (BlogHer stat), 69 percent of those consumers have found something on Pinterest that they have bought (Bizrate stat), 20 percent of social referrals to ecommerce sites come from Pinterest, people spend more on average (All Facebook stat) and more than 70 percent of Pinterest users are right here in the United States(Business2Community stat.)

It is pretty clear that Pinterest users are looking for more than cute puppies and pictures of desserts. Pinterest users are extremely receptive buyers as well. Make the most of Pinterest with these tips:

Add Pins to your email newsletters – Include some of your favorite Pins in your emails to your customers and prospects by including an image and a clickable link to the Pin. No doubt, asking Pinterest enthusiasts to “pin this” will delight them, and they will happily click your link and check out your other pinboards as well.

Include price tags (really!) – While this tip runs counter to most of what we hear about social media in general, Pinterest is different and Pins with prices get liked 36 percent more often than those without, meaning you are more likely to drive sales directly! Be sure that your Pinterest boards are not solely for sales, that would likely turn many people off. Keep a balance of tips, inspiration and product and you should be good to go.

Promote, promote your Pinboards – You have to let people know about your Pinterest account! You can add a Pinterest button to your Facebook account, feature a Pinterest widget on your blog or website, tweet about it, and add some links to specific Pins on Facebook and Twitter a few times a week.

Use awesome images for your Pins – Pinners expect great pictures, whether they are of a cheesecake, a waterfall or your latest Etsy creation. Regardless what your subject matter is, make sure you use high-quality, well-cropped photos. Watermark your images using a tool like pixlr or canva to protect your content, and get further visits when people find them around the web.

Use your SEO knowledge – Google indexes Pinterest, so make sure you properly use it for those benefits. Use keywords, hashtags or categories that align with your marketing strategy (if you do not have a marketing strategy, stop reading this article right this minute and figure that out first!) to bring searchers to your Pinboards and help yourself in search rankings as well.

Okay, those are my five quick tips to using Pinterest. Now, commit to spending just 5 minutes per day adding new Pins and watch your marketing momentum build, and your sales soar!