Monday, March 11, 2013

Tweak Your Business's Social Marketing for 2013

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Because of the success of social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter, it seems that a new site is launched every day. Some of these websites are very successful--- think Pinterest, Instagram and Google+. Other sites sometimes struggle to gain followers. After all, it is hard to draw people away from a site where all their friends hang out, unless something truly unique is being offered. 

The social media landscape today is not what it was a year ago. Who expected Google+ to shoot up so quickly in the rankings and overtake Twitter for the number 2 spot? The point is, we need to continually adapt to the changes that come our way and find new ways to capitalize on them for our businesses. 

Facebook Pages are still an amazing platform to get the word out about your business--if you nurture your page! Do not just build a page and expect amazing traffic--- NOT gonna happen! You need to post regularly, engage your visitors when they come to your page, and go out in the Facebook world and meet new people. Join groups and network with related pages, even competitors. Leave likes and comments on Pages that you'd like to network with, and you will quickly start to see some benefit from it. Remember to acknowledge every person or other Facebook page admin that visits you and leaves a comment or like. 

Twitter is awesome for brand recognition. Post regularly, on topic and good information and you will get noticed. Do not Twitter spam! This means offer value to others frequently and only now and then ask directly for their business. 

Another great site for professional brand building is LinkedIn; there are lots of groups you can join, discussions and questions y ou can answer to both help others and showcase your knowledge.

If your product or service lends itself well to images, Pinterest might  the platform you should focus your efforts on. Images pinned there often get shared on lots of different networking platforms if they are compelling enough.

Knowing where your clients are is a big part of tweaking your social marketing plan. Remember that social marketing is all about your need to be where those clients are looking for you, whether that is Myspace, Tumblr or Facebook.

Review analytic numbers and find out which social network works best for your business, and focus the majority of your efforts on that network. Do keep a presence on the other major networking sites as well, as you never know when the tide will shift again!

Successful social marketing takes time and consistent effort. Just like other tasks you need to do each day, schedule social media in to your day. If you find you just do not have the time, contact me ( and I will help