Sunday, May 18, 2014

Author Blog Hop

As I mentioned yesterday, I am thrilled to be part of a blog hop with two other awesome authors-- Sheila Kell and J. Nichole Parkins. Each of us answered four tough questions about our writing, our process, and where we are headed. Here is a little about each of them, and links to their blogs and their responses. Please visit them both and give them lots of love and support! 

Scroll further down for more info about me and my interview! 

Sheila Kell’s bio

Sheila is a disabled veteran who has been an avid reader since she was a teenager reading Nancy Drew mysteries. She’s currently writing the H.I.S. series about the super-hot Hamilton brothers. When she’s not writing, she’s drinking coffee or diet coke, eating chocolate and rescuing cats. No, she’s the not the crazy cat lady yet but give her time. Sheila’s interview is on her blog at You can also connect with her on any of the links below.

Sheila’s website         Sheila on Facebook              Sheila on Pinterest

J Nichole Parkins’ bio

J. Nichole Parkins writes new adult and urban fantasy. She is currently working on Burned, the first of an urban fantasy trilogy of the same name. Wife, mother of three, and constant daydreamer, she is never without a story floating around in her head or a book or two in her purse. A Florida transplant, she can often be found writing poolside with a cup of Chai Tea or reading her Kindle way after bedtime. Nichole's interview can be found on her blog at J. Nichole Parkins 

You can connect with her via facebook, twitter, her website, or email.

Denise Gabbard Interview
What am I working on? What am I NOT working on would be a better question! Hence, the reason that my first published book was about my adult ADHD. (It is often available on Amazon for free, and I actually wrote it as a freelance assignment. See—I need many kicks in the butt to finish things.) I have four books in various stages of non-completion...there is a real-life romance novel, one is a nostalgic look at growing up in the 70s, another is a no-nonsense book for writers to earn money with their craft (while they are working on their first novel, of course), and the final one is a marketing book for small businesses.

I am using this opportunity to put my goals for my books in writing. My birthday is in July, so I intend to have my writing book completed and published by then. That 70s Book will be next, and I am going to shoot for September with it and the marketing book, which is close to complete. My first novel I have tentatively titled Real Simple Romance-- and it will be finished and published before the fireworks on the beach for New Year's Eve!

How does my work differ from others of its genre? With the novel that I am writing, the difference is that it shows real and passionate love in everyday life. I think a lot of us (myself included) read some romance books and wonder why our husband, and our life, is not so romantic. Reality can be a bummer, until you realize how much love you do have all around you. My writing and marketing books will be very straightforward, with advice that novices can easily follow, but with tips that will also help seasoned writers and business owners.

Why do I write what I do? Haha! Why not? The writing book is a natural extension of my Writeand Get Paid blog, which I started in 2008 and just finally jumped to self-hosting on WordPress this year. I started the blog after I began earning a living as a freelancer the year before; there are so many things to learn for freelancers, and many pitfalls to avoid—so passing along what I had learned made sense. That 70s Book is probably my yearning for those simpler times, and my way of engrossing myself in it all---and I know that so many people my age feel the same way. Real Simple Romance is my guilty pleasure --some taken from my real simple life, some from friends, and some totally fiction, but all fun!

How does your writing process work? Process? What process? I force myself to sit in my chair and type. I have to shut off the internet while I'm writing most times or ---SQUIRREL! So many little time! Seriously, I use what I learned in my sixth grade advanced English class ...decide basically what I want to write about, jot down an outline, and get busy! (That last bit is the part where I need the kick in the pants, generally! Please wish me luck, and KICK ME! You can reach me at any of the online links below. See 'ya in cyberspace!)